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Jiangsu Fast Machinery Co., Ltd.

Pellet Mill Accessories:ring die

Device Description

  • Our company can manufacture different country 、model and material ring die, also we can custom based on the drawing provided by our customer , with stable quality, long service life, timely delivery, high cost performance, etc.
  • Based on customer request can provide alloy steel(20CrMnTi)and high chrome steel material(4Cr13X);
  • raw materials using drop hammer forging forging process and grinding ring, each ring die flaw detection, have been to forging stress and passes through heat treatment process;
  • Ring die hole machining using four gun drill head, ensure the die is smooth as a mirror
  • Vacuum heat treatment technology on vacuum heat treatment, reduce the deformation of ring die; Internal heat treatment after the ring die and die hole finishing once again, to ensure that the internal ring die concentricity and the uniformity of the bell die hole;
  • strict quality control
  • Shortest delivery time

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