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MYKH Briquetting Machine

Device Description

→ MYKH series ring molding block press, is a relatively loose long fiber material into a heavier block material of the new type of briquetting equipment, can press pasture, crop straw, leaves and agricultural waste, waste paper, waste plastic and other different materials.

→ This machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation feeding, feeding adopts special non-clogging structure and strong magnetic protection device.

→ The transmission box adopts a special forced feeding structure, and a single pressure wheel structure is adopted, which makes the volume of the pressing chamber larger, the grass is stressed, and the block forming rate is high.

→ The volumetric structure of the pressing chamber is simple and strong, and the volume is large, which can adapt to the pressing of a variety of materials.

→ This machine is equipped with 22×22, 30×32, 32×72 and other aperture forming dies that meet international standards, and can customize the forming dies of different apertures and compression ratios for users, and users can choose any choice according to different needs.

→ configure each liquid sprinkler, molasses, water and other liquids can be added.

→ Compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient installation, operation and maintenance, reliable work.

Technical Parameters


production capacity(t/h)

Forming die aperture











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