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SZLH-X Shrimp Pellet Mill

Device Description

--  Pellet mill adopts single motor belt drive, using the flywheel effect of belt disc to overcome the slippage of ring die, so as to make the operation more stable.
      --  The combination of the aging kettle (FAST patented technology) and the dual-shaft differential diameter differential conditioner greatly improves the degree of aging and the stability of granulation.
      --  Uniquely designed jacketed homogenizer unit, optimally designed paddle structure, make the high-humidity and high-viscosity material flow more uniform, so that the working of the granulator is more stable.

Technical Parameters


Power(kW) Capacity (t/h)
 Shrimpφ1.2mm Fishφ3.0mm
SZLH430X 110 1.2-2 3-4
SZLH530X 132/160 2.5-3.5 5-6
3-4 6-8


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