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SZLM Biological Granulator

Device Description

→ efficient first-stage gear transmission, ensuring the maximum transfer of 98% of the capacity, ensuring the maximum transfer of energy to increase the output by about 20%.

→ efficient compression structure design, increase production by 10-30% under the same power conditions, and effectively prevent mold cracking.

→ All stainless steel feeder, variable pitch anti-knot arch mechanism, using imported frequency conversion speed control.

→ Enlarged stainless steel temperer, using axial inlet steam, greatly improving the tempering and tempering time and effect.

→ High-precision transmission gears and tooth shafts are hardened by carburizing and quenching process, and german grinding is used for processing, with smooth transmission, low noise and long service life.

→ The high precision of the material and transmission hole of the gearbox comes from the casting technology of the professional foundry and the guarantee of CNC machining equipment.

→ The main drivetrain bearings are SKF, and the oil seals are imported of high quality. And specially set up lubrication return oil system to ensure reliable bearing lubrication.

→ The connection between the ring die and the transmission wheel adopts three pieces of quick-release precision casting clamp or multi-piece forging hoop, and the ring die is easy and quick to disassemble.

→ Door covers and chutes are made of all stainless steel, with strong corrosion resistance and long service life.

→ The motor and tooth shaft adopt a new snake-shaped spring connecting device, which is easy to disassemble, reliable in transmission and high in efficiency.

Technical Parameters





Ring mold inner diameter (mm)

Granular specifications (mm)
















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