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Warmly welcome the leaders and experts of the Silo and Bulk Grain Transport Branch of the China Port Association to visit FAST for inspection and guidance!

On  September 24, 2022, Zhao Chaoxiong——president of the Silo and Bulk Grain Transportation Branch of the China Port Association, Zhao Qinghe——secretary general, and Guo Chengzhou——chief engineer of the Research and Design Institute of Henan University of Technology, and other leaders and experts of the association were invited to visit Jiangsu FAST Machinery Co., Ltd.





        In the friendly and warm atmosphere, Tang Jinxiang——general manager of Jiangsu FAST Machinery Co., Ltd expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the leaders and experts for their arrival. Subsequently, Mr. Tang introduced the development process and corporate culture of Jiangsu F in detail, and focused on the company's advanced processing equipment, manufacturing technology and the main characteristics of the main products. 


         Since its inception, Jiangsu FAST attaches great importance to the research and development and technological innovation of ports and bulk grain delivery equipment. At present, the main products are bucket elevator, chain conveyor, air cushion belt conveyor, single idler belt conveyor, plough unloader, etc., and various products have been serialized and large-scale development, the current maximum conveying capacity has reached 2000 tons / hour. With exquisite product quality and novel design, FAST's conveying equipment has been selected by many large domestic conveying engineering companies for various ports, terminals and various processing plants, and has been unanimously praised by users.




         Chairman Zhao affirmed the serialized, large-scale and intelligent port warehousing equipment launched by Jiangsu FAST in recent years, and gave a high evaluation to the craftsmanship spirit of FAST Company and the quality concept of "three no's principles" throughout the manufacturing process. Finally, Chairman Zhao expressed his high hopes for the future development of FAST and hoped that FAST could provide more innovative products for the port warehousing industry.




After the exchange, Chairman Zhao and his party, accompanied by Mr. Tang, visited and inspected the production workshop of Jiangsu FAST Tianmu Lake Industrial Park. The leaders and experts of the association observed in detail the manufacturing links of various conveying equipment and asked questions from time to time, and Mr. Tang personally answered them one by one. FAST's innovative technology, exquisite production technology, and strict quality control once again impressed the leaders and experts of the association.




Subsequently, accompanied by Mr. Tang, Chairman Zhao and his party visited the new factory area of Jiangsu FAST Machinery Co., Ltd. that will soon be put into production, covering an area of 80 acres, with a plant of 32,000 square meters and an office building of 5,000 square meters. After the new plant is put into operation, it can provide 1.5 million tons of new storage capacity for various ports in China with new storage capacity for transportation, dust removal and other port equipment every year; And the European and American advanced port conveying equipment technology into China, for the construction of world-class Chinese port bulk grain delivery terminal contribution FAST intelligent manufacturing!


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