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Build high-quality projects, create excellent reputation - Yangzhou Jinlida high-grade aquatic feed project successfully accepted

Recently, the first phase of yangzhou Jinlida high-grade aquatic feed project designed, manufactured and installed by Jiangsu FAST Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully passed the completion acceptance. After comprehensive assessment, the shrimp and crab and puffed feed production line project far exceeded the national standards in terms of technical indicators, engineering quality, degree of automation, cleanliness and safety, energy conservation and environmental protection, and was unanimously praised by customers.


This is another solid strategic cooperative relationship established by the two sides after the cooperation of super retainer (curing kettle), and the cooperation again reflects the customer's high recognition and trust in the quality of equipment and engineering in Jiangsu Fast!






Yangzhou Jinlida Feed Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Zhejiang Jinlida Group, located in Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province, was established on March 20, 2006, integrating shrimp and crab breeding, aquatic feed production and sales. Jiangsu Dongtai is the birthplace of the "small shed shrimp farming, fast shrimp farming" model, and the characteristics of aquaculture must have strict requirements for the cleanliness, safety and traceability of aquatic feed.

 Focusing on the positioning of Jinlida Group's high-grade aquatic feed project, FAST company has configured the host equipment representing the current international leading and domestic first-class technical level in accordance with the process of "first batching and then crushing, and then through ultra-micro crushing and secondary ingredient mixing".



 Ripeing Kettle Shrimp Pellet Mill


 Equipped with a pre-curing system of the maturation kettle (FAST patented technology), it greatly improves the degree of curing and the stability of granulation, has a low powder content, and does not slick the shrimp feed. The uniquely designed jacket homogenizer unit coupled with the optimized design of the paddle structure makes the high humidity and high viscosity material flow more uniform, so that the operation of the granulator is more stable. Shrimp granulator can be combined with one or two layers of curing kettle and homogenizer to tailor the solution to customer needs.







wide Hammer Mill


 The ultra-wide multi-cavity structure allows for more uniform material distribution and higher crushing efficiency. The bottom of the crushing chamber is equipped with a U-shaped secondary crushing chamber, which can effectively eliminate the circulation phenomenon in the crushing process, and can improve the crushing capacity and fineness of crushing.





Vertical-Shaft Pulverizer


 The raw materials after coarse crushing can be ultra-finely crushed to meet the requirements of the subsequent process for material fineness, and the crushing particle size is 60-200 mesh continuously adjustable. The vertical shaft screenless structure makes the structure more compact, low vibration and low noise. The unique grinding chamber structure coupled with the optimally designed grading system effectively increases feed yield and significantly reduces energy consumption. Device with hydraulic lifting roof for easy replacement of consumables.



Double-Shaft Paddle Mixer


Classic biaxial paddle structure, using the principle of weightlessness for mixing, short mixing cycle, high mixing uniformity. The direct drive of the dual output shaft gearbox makes the equipment run more smoothly and can realize load start-up, and the gentle transmission mode is especially suitable for situations with weighing and mixing.






The use of countercurrent cooling principle to cool high-temperature, high-humidity particles can effectively prevent particles from producing surface cracking. There is an adjustable bulk material mechanism inside, the cloth is uniform, so that the height of the material layer in the cooling bin is consistent, and the cooling effect is good.





 In order to ensure the high-quality and efficient promotion of the project, the project always takes "quality first, safety-oriented, progress first, benefit priority" as the criterion, and timely adjusts and optimizes the process design according to the project site situation during the construction process to ensure that the project can be put into production as soon as possible, which has won the praise of customers. Jiangsu FAST will, as always, provide customers with follow-up services and technical support to create more long-term value for customers!


 Yangzhou Jinlida high-grade aquatic feed project is another high-grade aquatic feed complete set of engineering projects in Jiangsu FAST after Shandong Haibo, Tongwei Group, Hengxing Group, Jiangxi Aohua, Jiangsu Heguan and other complete sets of aquatic feed projects, marking a new level in Fast's special aquatic feed process and equipment technology!


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