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Quancheng Forum ---- Jiangsu Fast Innovative Technology wins the favor of Shandong customers

On July 11, the "Quancheng Forum - 2022 Animal Husbandry Feed Veterinary Drug Summit" sponsored by Jinan Feed Association and Jinan Feed Industry Trade Union Federation opened at The Hongteng International Hotel in Licheng District, Jinan City, with a duration of three days.





The meeting is to fully implement the State Council"protect China's economic resilience and ensure that market entities to protect employment and people's livelihood" spirit of the conference in a timely manner, the conference around the "innovation-driven, improve quality and efficiency" theme, focus on the industry frontier and hot spots, collision of thinking sparks, insight into the development trend, with new ideas to lead the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, to promote enterprises in the new situation to achieve healthy and sustainable development.



At the meeting, a large number of domestic and foreign industry leaders, well-known experts and outstanding entrepreneurs were gathered. Jiangsu Fast Machinery Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the conference as the vice president unit of the association. Shao Jianxin, deputy general manager of the company, took the stage as a special guest to make a keynote speech of the conference - "Feed Processing Technology Innovation Concept and Practice".








As the opening special guest of the conference, Mr.shao focused on the main line of "processing technology innovation in the feed industry", deeply analyzed the development status and trend of the industry, directly attacked the pain points and difficulties of the industry, and explained the exploration and successful application of Jiangsu Fast in process and equipment innovation for the guests from four aspects. The following excerpts are excerpted for the benefit of the reader.



First, clean and safe premix processing process innovation - "pressure kettle" dense phase conveying process technology


 Premix production has extremely high standards in terms of cleanliness, precision, mixing uniformity, traceability and production efficiency. Mr. Fastshaw put forward three key ideas:


    1) The choice of processing technology - directly related to the cleanliness and safety of the premix production!


    2) Material conveying - is an important key point in the processing process!


    3) Additive conveying - is the core point of premix material conveying!


Focusing on these three key points, Mr. Shao explained in detail to the guests the composition, process flow, working principle and advantages of Fast "pressure kettle" dense phase conveying process equipment.




 Typical premix process flow 3D design drawing (pressure kettle conveying)


Jiangsu Fast secret phase conveying technology has been highly recognized in the Feed Industry in Shandong, Jinan Xingji, Shandong Hemei Group, Shandong Meishida, Shandong Linghua Chia Tai, Liaocheng and Ruiyuan all use this technology to achieve clean and safe premix production.




Pressure vessel sending tank                                         top discharge system



Second, the layer material processing technology innovation


Shandong is a big province of layer chicken material in China, Shao Zong first listed the pain points of the layer material industry, of which the corn is crushed after the "fine powder" is more (the proportion of crushed corn under the 20 mesh sieve is more than 25%), ---- is the most important pain point of the layer material industry.


Jiangsu Fast layer material crusher in view of this key pain point, in the pulverizer design technology has been innovated: first, shear force is the mainstay (such as the principle of cutting vegetables with a kitchen knife); Second, the knife type crusher (from the original hammer blade to a thinner hammer knife); Third, low speed, reduce impact and reduce impact force; Fourth, the tangent feeding method: let the corn stay in the crushing chamber for the shortest time.


The corn produced by the special crusher for Jiangsu Fast layer chicken (based on the pore size of the 7 mm sieve plate) has only 7.5% of the 20 mesh sieve. It has greatly improved the quality of layer chicken feed, won the competitiveness of feed enterprises, and created benefits for farmers.





 Crushed corn samples                                                                                     finished layer feed



Third, feed curing innovation process - the application of ripening kettle in feed processing technology


The ripening kettle is a patented invention product of Jiangsu Fast, which has the functions of super emphasis, curing, evaporation drying and sterilization. By hollow paddle, spindle and jacket triple steam heating, the material temperature can reach 90-105 ° C (adjustable). The lengthened and large-volume design, the total heating area is more than 3 times that of traditional retainers, and the single-layer maturation time can reach 2-8 minutes. Thickened paddles are used to ensure that the material can achieve first-in,1-out. The heated spindle and paddle do not accumulate material, no overnight mildew and cross-contamination, and truly realize clean and safe feed production.





The ripening kettle has been fully recognized in the Chinese feed industry, from aquatic feed to livestock and poultry feed, especially the industry large group enterprises are widely used as an important quenching and tempering curing equipment. Large group enterprises are: Tongwei Group, Guangdong Hengxing Group, Haida Group, Shandong Haibo, Guangxi BAHEAL, Guangdong Aohua, Ningbo Tianbang, Henan Muyuan, Jiangsu Jinlida, etc.



 Fourth, feed processing technology innovation technology thinking


At the end of the report, Mr. Fastshaw also discussed some innovative technologies in the feed processing process with the guests: the "hot powder sterilization" process of layer chicken material; Layer hen material "grain + grain + grain" process innovation; Corn curing (cooking, baking) tableting process; Corn, wheat cleaning treatment washing process technology; In-line real-time moisture detection process technology.


Mr. Shao's in-depth and simple explanation made the industry customers present have a strong interest in Jiangsu Faster's advanced process technology and equipment, and highly praised Jiangsu Faster as a technology-based enterprise with a strong spirit of innovation. After the meeting, customers could not wait to consult the "curing kettle" and "pressure kettle conveying system", and some customers invited Mr. Shao to the factory site to implement the transformation plan.


Under the background of the epidemic, the development of enterprises can no longer rely on traditional models, but need to be proactive and rapid to change their thinking, arm themselves with new technologies, new processes and new products in the industry, create greater value for customers, and win a broader market. Jiangsu Fast will always be adhering to the concept of "leading technology, sophisticated products, first-class engineering, service first", closely follow the needs of the industry, for the industry difficulties, continuous innovation, to provide our customers with more high-quality products and engineering!


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