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Haibo Group & FAST join hands again——Create high-grade premix boutique projects


 Recently, Shandong Haibo Group & Jiangsu Fast successfully signed a contract on the Shandong Peptide Yuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. annual output of 60,000 tons of high-grade additive premixed feed project, which is Haibo Group and Jiangsu Fast after the successful cooperation in the first phase of the aquatic production line project, once again hand in hand, the two sides sincere cooperation has stepped onto a new level.


Shandong Haibo Group is currently the largest professional aquatic feed single factory in the north, but also the guide of China's cured shrimp feed, especially in the field of shrimp factory breeding and fast shrimp farming, its shrimp feed sales and market share are in a leading position, creating a miracle of "from the sale of the first package of feed to the annual sales of more than 200,000 tons only took 3 years", and the 6 granulation lines and 1 puffing line that helped Haibo's unique clinker were provided by Fast.    


Shandong Peptide Yuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a specialized additive premix factory under Haibo Group. The planned construction of a high-grade additive premix feed project with an annual output of 60,000 tons includes a multivitamin production line, a composite trace element production line and an additive compound premix production line; It covers a full range of livestock and poultry, aquatic pre-mixed feed varieties, and the categories are very rich.    


After nearly a year of communication, comparison and screening, in the end, Fast stood out in the competition of many suppliers with its unique high-speed and efficient, clean and hygienic additive premix process, mature raw material reception and cleaning, high-speed and efficient cleaning and residue-free mixing and other host equipment, as well as mature technology accumulation and good reputation in additive premix, and Haibo Group & Jiangsu Fast held hands again!



It can be said that Jiangsu Fast started from the first phase of the project, with stable and reliable equipment, meticulous and intimate service, professional and solid quality, left a deep impression on Haibo Group.


In this cooperation, in order to further meet the needs of Haibo, Jiangsu Fast has set up the best service team, actively contacted Haibo from three angles of focus, intention and attention, and provided multiple sets of engineering solutions according to their needs. At the same time, the project is equipped with high-quality, high-efficiency high-quality equipment, which provides a solid guarantee for the output of high-quality, high-value livestock and poultry aquatic additive premixed feed.


The premix mixer adopts stainless steel single-shaft high-speed mixer, the mixing speed is fast, the mixing uniformity CV≤5%, the single-axis assembled paddle structure, the paddle and shell gap are adjustable, and the residual amount is within 0.05%. Special discharge door and inflatable sealing technology to ensure that no material is leaked. Large access door with safety lock for easy maintenance and maintenance.







The premix additive silo adopts 304 stainless steel internal and external polishing, and sprays special protective liquid, its smooth surface reduces the material residue to the greatest extent, and adopts the single-point feeding station mode of the top of the warehouse to feed, eliminating the cross-contamination of raw materials, and providing a guarantee for the production of clean and safe premixes.




                                                    Additive silo                                                                                     Single-point feeding station



High-precision batching dragon and weighing batching system is an important part of the production of premixed, Faster selects modular tubular batching dragon, with its small gap, low residue, high batching accuracy of the premixed ≤ 0.5 ‰ (static), at the same time, for materials with special requirements, Fast can also spray Teflon inside the spiral shaft and shell, reduce material adhesion, easy to clean and clean, and tighten the "fence" of safe production again.





Fast is inseparable from the strong support of new and old customers along the way, your trust and support is our driving force! Fast people will also uphold the value concept of "ingenuity to make products and do engineering with heart" to provide you with safe, efficient and intelligent system solutions.


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