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Good news is coming! Jiangsu FAST undertook the construction of Zhejiang Qinglian annual output of 300,000 tons of high-grade pig feed project


Recently, Zhejiang Qinglian Group and Jiangsu Fast Machinery Co., Ltd. signed a contract on a high-grade clean and safe pig feed project with an annual output of 300,000 tons. 

In the development process of Jiangsu Fast, a new "pig industry chain one-stop enterprise" customer has been added to create a solid foundation for feed safety for the food safety of the Chinese people!






Zhejiang Qinglian Food Co., Ltd. was established in October 2001, the company is positioned as "high-quality pork supplier and service provider", after 20 years of layout and transformation, gradually formed a full industrial chain covering "biological genes, breeding, feed processing, ecological breeding, slaughtering and production, cold chain logistics, fresh brands, meat products, catering chains, pig planet" pig industry, to complete the comprehensive layout from source to table.








Zhejiang Qinglian's newly planned high-grade pig feed factory with an annual output of 300,000 tons, with the goal of leading the industry in an all-round way, puts forward forward-looking requirements in five aspects: high performance, automation, safety and environmental protection, green energy saving, and humanized design, and at the same time puts forward targeted requirements for employee working environment improvement, occupational health, and post safety, and strives to achieve people-oriented, and does not lag behind after 15 years after production.


The whole factory has three independent production lines: high-grade medium and large pig feed line, high temperature expansion and low temperature granulation teaching and preservation line, high-grade premix line. From the production of clean, safe and traceable feed as the starting point for precise design, to achieve the ultimate goal of producing safe pork products.


Qinglian Company inspected and exchanged a number of well-known feed equipment suppliers in the industry, and visited the demonstration project, and finally selected Jiangsu Fast as the contractor of the complete set of projects for this project. The teams of the two sides overcame the difficulties caused by the epidemic and completed the technical and project implementation plans efficiently, rigorously, comprehensively and systematically through many video conference exchanges and communications.


Clean and safe pig feed production line not only requires strong process technology, but also inseparable from the blessing of new technology stand-alone equipment. Jiangsu Fast will apply the stand-alone equipment produced by the latest technology to this project.



Introduction of the main equipment of the high-grade pig full-price material production line:

1. Motor direct connection double reducer mixer








The mixer uses Faster's unique motor direct connection double reducer mixer (no belt or chain drive), which can be started with material after a power failure.

-- Transmission efficiency ≥ 98%.

-- Special shaft end inflatable sealing structure can effectively prevent the leakage of materials.

-- The reducer and motor connection adopt a fully enclosed structure with low noise.

-- The liquid nozzle is far enough away from the material to ensure the uniformity of spraying.










-- Special paddle structure (non-full surface screw) to ensure that the first in, first out, no flower material.

-- The spindle is designed with increased heightened, rigidity is strong, and the discharge end has a special homogenization structure to ensure the stability of the granulator current.

-- Keep the temperature up to 85-95 °C, hold the time ≥ 2 minutes, significantly improve the pellet maturation.

-- Kill harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli.



3、High temperature expansion + low temperature granulation process








-- Achieve optimal ripening and adjust accordingly accordingly in a timely manner according to different formulations.

-- While eliminating anti-nutritional factors, it retains the active substances in raw materials, improves feeding remuneration, and greatly reduces the ratio of feed to meat.

-- It can more completely eliminate harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli.

-- The expanded feed granules have the characteristics of "sweet and crispy", which are delicious and not on fire, and suckling pigs like to eat.




Introduction of the main equipment of the premix production line:

The use of new positive pressure dense phase conveying technology instead of the traditional elevator, scraper conveyor technology, through the compressed air and sealed pipeline to transport materials, no residue, ultra-low dust, highly humanized is the characteristics of the production line. 

1. Single-axis high-speed mixer







The premix mixer adopts stainless steel single-shaft high-speed mixer:

-- The mixing speed is fast, and the mixing uniformity CV ≤5%.

-- Single-shaft assembled paddle structure, the gap between the blade and the shell is adjustable, and the residual amount is within 0.05%.

-- Special discharge door and flatulence sealing technology to ensure that no material is leaked.

-- Large service door with safety lock for easy maintenance and maintenance.

2. Trace element batching system






-- Suitable for the addition of multivitamins, additives, premixes, etc. in feed production, which can maximize the accuracy of ingredients and shorten the batching time.

-- The silo body is arranged in a circular ring, and the batching scale bucket is set under the ingredient stranding dragon, and the surface of the scale bucket is specially treated (plated Teflon).

-- The dragon shaft for feeding the dragon can be extracted and cleaned, the power is 0.75KW-1.5KW. Frequency conversion control, made of high-quality stainless steel, the surface shot blasting or spraying Teflon, equipped with a reliable pneumatic cut-off door, the batching accuracy can reach up to ±5 grams.



Jiangsu Fast Machinery Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise specializing in feed machinery, conveying machinery and forage machinery.


Adhering to the concept of "leading technology, sophisticated products, first-class engineering, service first", the company has cooperated with Chia Tai Group, New Hope Liuhe Group, Cargill Group, Dabeinong Group, Makihara Group, COFCO Group, Tongwei Group, Haida Group, Anyou Group, Haibo Group, Guiliu Group, Shandong Hemei Group, Guangdong Aohua Group, Guangxi BAHEAL Group and other international and domestic well-known enterprises for many times and formed strategic partnerships.


Zhejiang Qinglian's high-grade pig feed project with an annual output of 300,000 tons is another landmark project built by Jiangsu Fast in zhejiang———— after the high-grade clean and safe pig feed project of Zhejiang Huatong Group's Lufa Xianju in the green water and green mountains.

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