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Fast rebuilt a pig feed benchmarking factory - Kingkey Zhinong

Founded in 1979, Shenzhen Jingji Zhinong Group is the first listed agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise in China. It has won many honorary titles such as "The Most Popular Poultry Breeding Enterprise in China - The Best in China", "The First Top 100 Agricultural Science and Technology Investment enterprises in China", "The First National Top 100 Excellent Enterprises in the Pig Industry", "Top 100 Private Listed Companies in Guangdong", "Key Agricultural Leading Enterprises in Guangdong Province" and so on.


In 2020, Jiangsu Fast Machinery Co., Ltd. won the recognition and trust of Kingkey Zhinong Group from many excellent feed machinery suppliers at home and abroad, and won the bid for the complete set of feed factory projects in the pig industry chain in Gaozhou. On December 30 of the same year, the groundbreaking ceremony of the project was held in Hehua Town, Gaozhou City, Maoming.





Located in Hehua Town, Jingji Zhinong Gaozhou Project is the first "three-dimensional settlement" breeding project of Jingji Zhinong, with a total construction area of 320,000 square meters and a design of 500,000 pigs per year. The project's self-use feed factory covers an area of 25 acres, with a total construction area of 8,600 square meters, and builds 2 pellet feed production lines, which can achieve an annual output of 180,000 tons of high-grade pig feed.


The feed complete set of engineering projects started on July 1, 2021, and was officially commissioned and materialized on December 1, 2021. It is the first of the three feed factory projects started by Kingkey Zhinong Group in the same period------ the first to be completed and the first to be discharged, which has won the praise of customers.





1. Raw material receiving and storage system

Third 2500 tons of corn steel plate silos, using hydraulic flap bulk unloading method, raw materials after the initial cleaning, iron removal into the warehouse, and equipped with the function of inverting the warehouse; Equipped with 8 250 tons of soybean meal warehouses, soybean meal warehouse configuration of six out of the warehouse twister, to eliminate the problem of meal (easy to arch) difficult to unload.



Warehousing system




                  Hydraulic flap discharge               Soybean meal six-in-one out of the warehouse stranded dragon



   2. main workshop

The classic pig feed production and processing process of "crushing first and then batching" is adopted.


● Equipped with SWFP69x125 wide multi-cavity high efficiency crusher, high fineness and large output;


● The batching strand adopts high-precision self-cleaning tubular stranded dragon, which makes the batching accuracy higher;


● Adopt the industry-leading direct connection dual-shaft HHJS6 mixer, high transmission efficiency and can achieve load start-up;


● The granulation system adopts two CPM3022-8 granulators, and innovatively adopts Fast's patented pre-curing equipment - SSHF2500 type curing kettle, which makes the granule material more ripening, low powder content, and can improve sterilization performance;


● SKLB12 flap type cooler is adopted in the cooling sieve division section, and online moisture detection is configured to effectively control the moisture of the finished granular product; 


● The sieve adopts the SFJH180x2 rotary grading sieve with imported ROSTA support structure, which has a long service life and low failure rate.



     Raw material feed silo system               Fast-St. Wide Shredder



     High-precision tubular batching stranding dragon




      Direct coupling dual-shaft mixer




       Mixer discharge scraper (with single point dust collector)




    Patented product - curing kettle



       Hydraulic flap cooler         ROSTA structure rotary grading screen



3 .Main workshop premix system

The main workshop is equipped with a premix automatic batching system, reduce the workload of manual batching and error prevention, premix core materials and lysine, salt and other additives are transported by the freight elevator to the fifth floor of the main workshop, through the single point feeding port into the stainless steel silo, to eliminate the mobile trolley and other feeding easy to produce cross-pollution, and then through the high-precision batching dragon, computer batching scale for automatic batching, the whole set of equipment is made of 304 high-quality stainless steel, high-precision tubular batching dragon, high precision, low residue, easy to clean.



Premix silos




 Premix feeding port (with single point pulse dust removal)




High-precision computerized dosing system



   4. Finished material bulk storage shipping system


 All finished products are stored in bulk, and 24 50-ton bulk warehouses are configured, which can meet the storage needs of 24-hour production volume throughout the day; The finished product bulk warehouse and production workshop are strictly partitioned and partitioned, and separate management and independent logistics channels are adopted to achieve high standard management of biosecurity prevention and control.




Finished product into the warehouse conveyor system




Finished product into the warehouse conveyor system




Stamped self-reinforcing silo



    Bulk pig feed pipe chain machine out of the warehouse




Bulk pig feed pipe chain machine is transported to the pig farm



5. Automatic control system

The whole factory adopts computer full-screen control system, the start and stop and operation of the equipment, the equipment chain and control of the section, the on-site information and data, etc. can be controlled and supervised in real time in the central control room; The granulator can realize one-button start, automatic control, automatic load control of the shredder, and the warehouse capacity of each silo is clear at a glance in the central control room; The entire production hall requires only 5 employees to complete all operations.




Computer full-screen control system




Granulator on-site touch screen control cabinet




Open bridge and cable laying                             Autosampler



 Jiangsu Faster aims to achieve the goal of "specialized new small giant enterprise"; Adhering to the quality policy of "attention to detail, sophisticated manufacturing, continuous improvement"; Has been committed to providing customers with safe, reliable, energy-saving quality products and engineering. The completion and commissioning of the Gaozhou Jingji Zhinong Project is another landmark project established by Jiangsu Fast in Guangdong after Zhanjiang Suixi Chia Tai, Yangjiang Dabeinong, Guangdong Acidizer Project and Guangdong Huihai Premix Project!


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