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Model innovation to strengthen the brand

——Jiangsu Fasti 2021 annual summary and commendation conference opened a new journey

    On January 26, the 2021 annual summary and commendation meeting of Jiangsu Fast was successfully held, and all the middle and senior leaders of the company, all team leaders and members of the annual award-winning individuals and groups gathered together to summarize the past, look forward to the future, and commend the annual advanced individuals and collectives.

    The conference was first made by Mr. Tang Jinxiang, general manager of the company, to make a 2021 work report and 2022 target planning, in 2021 the company worked together to achieve impressive results, the annual invoice sales increased by 21.5% over the previous year, the annual tax paid increased by 9.33% year-on-year, and the average annual income of employees increased by about 8%, laying a solid foundation for the company's rapid and steady development.

    In 2022, the company's goal is to achieve a 20% growth rate in sales and a 10% increase in profits and taxes; And decided to continue to increase the intensity of scientific research and innovation, build high-quality projects, build a talent team, innovate the development model, and strengthen the brand; The full start-up and operation of the new plant in 2022 will surely raise the development of Fasti to a new height.


    Mr. Tang's report plans a bright future for Fasti, gives clear goals from the aspects of business layout, fine management, business development, talent training, safe production, etc., inspires people, urges people to forge ahead, and points out the direction of work development for everyone.

   Immediately after the majestic music, the curtain was opened on the 2021 annual commendation and award, and a group of outstanding collectives, leading cadres and employees will emerge every year in the rapid and steady development of Fast; This year, a total of 7 awards have been set up, taking into account both individual and collective, selecting the best of the best, picking the strongest, commending the advanced, and encouraging all personnel.

   The first awarded was the "Praise individual" award, which was won by Li Linhai and 7 others; The second is the "Advanced Individual" award, which was won by Shi Jian and 8 others; The "Praise Team" is obtained by the final assembly host team; The "Advanced Team" was obtained by the Sheet Metal Stainless Steel Team; Advanced individuals are inseparable from the guidance, care and support of leaders, and the conference has specially set up the "Excellent Cadre" award, which was won by Dai Jianjie, Shi Chunhui and Zhang Tanpeng respectively; The sixth is the "Commendation Department" award, which was awarded by the production center; The seventh is the "Advanced Sector" award, which was awarded by the "Technology Center"; General Manager Tang Jinxiang presented awards to the two award-winning departments and encouraged all the awardees to continue to work hard and achieve better results in the new year; Other awards are presented by the company's senior leaders.








    Looking back on 2021, we are not afraid of difficulties, struggle together, work together, actively change our strategy when the industry is at a low point, work hard, and accumulate a lot of experience while achieving excellent results.   

   Looking forward to 2022, we are full of confidence and firmly believe that the development of Jiangsu Fast will get better and better; We Fasti people work together, forge ahead, through innovative development, excellent quality, strong brand, in the new year to show new deeds, achieve new results, achieve new growth, contribute to the healthy development of the industry, and create greater value for society.


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