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Jiangsu Fast successfully signed a contract for the high-grade aquatic feed project of BAHEAL Group



     Guangxi BAHEAL Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise group integrating scientific and technological research and development, technical services, aquatic feed, aquatic food and seafood. (Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code 002696). Feed is an important industry of BAHEAL Group, and the annual sales volume of feed has exceeded 1 million tons.

    Recently, BAHEAL Group and Jiangsu Fast formally signed a turnkey project of high-grade aquatic feed in Jingzhou BAHEAL, which is the starting point of BAHEAL Group's layout of central China, providing high-grade puffed fish feed (sousd, floating, suspended material) and shrimp feed for aquaculture customers in central China. Jingzhou BAHEAL project adopts the latest aquatic feed process design technology and a full set of aquatic feed equipment in Jiangsu Fast. 


Renderings of Jingzhou BAHEAL Aquatic Feed Factory

    Jiangsu Fast with its unique fully cured shrimp granulation process technology (invention patent), industry-leading aquatic puffing equipment, efficient crushing, mixing technology, as well as mature process technology and accumulation of high-grade aquatic feed technology and good reputation, there are seven suppliers to stand out in the incentive competition, won the bid in one fell swoop.



The project is the first factory invested by BAHEAL Group in central China, and it is very cautious about the location and market layout of the factory; In particular, the selection of aquatic feed processing technology and host equipment has been carefully and scientifically planned; The project adopts the secondary crushing and three-time mixing process and the strong maturation process before and after shrimp feed; And equipped with the domestic leading "69 series crusher", "direct connection double shaft mixer", "curing kettle shrimp granulator", "international advanced twin screw wet puffing machine", "drawer rotary grading screen" and other advanced equipment; At the same time, it is also far higher than the national standard in terms of environmental protection, energy saving and efficiency!

     Previously, BAHEAL Group had used Fastest's shrimp feed granulator for the first time in the Hainan BAHEAL project, and was very satisfied with Fast's innovative technology and exquisite manufacturing; The Jingzhou project and Fasti have joined hands again, and I believe that we can quickly open up a broad market in the hinterland of central China and win the trust of customers!

   Fast will, as always, uphold the concept of "leading technology, excellent products, first-class engineering, service first", take exceeding the expectations of BAHEAL Group as the goal, complete the work of the opening project of BAHEAL Huazhong with high quality, complete the project delivery on schedule, and help BAHEAL Group plug in the wings of take-off and open up a broader market!





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